Raksha Tulsi Drops (30ml)



Ingredients: Pure Tulsi Extract


Boosts immunity

Good for skin

Liver and joint health

Relief from cough and cold

Good for Heart Health

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Raksha Tulsi drops is a unique formulation infused with the goodness of pure tulsi plant extracts. Its unique formulation is attained through a careful & sophisticated processing of the very best quality tulsi leaves. In India tulsi, is profoundly known as holy basil. Tulsi plant has been given ‘holy’ status largely due to its tremendous medicinal properties. It will help you in boosting immunity, improves the skin quality, helps in liver and joint health and relieves you from cough and cold.

How to use:
Consume 4-5 drops of Raksha Tulsi Drops twice a day with lukewarm water, tea, buttermilk and enhance your Immunity


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