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Haldi Honey Tablets (60 tabs)



Ingredients: Haldi, Dry Ginger, Tulsi Extract, Honey, Kesar


Impactful Immunity Booster

Treats Sore Throat In minutes

Effective against Tonsils

Blood purification

Anti Viral

Anti Bacterial


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Haldi Honey Tablet is a combination of haldi (turmeric) and natural honey enticing medicinal powers to treat all kinds of diseases. It is very effective in treating running nose and throat infection within a few hours as compared to other products available in the market. It is a natural purifier for our blood thus increasing our immunity. Tulsi is a natural medicinal ingredient and it’s recommended to chew a few leaves of the tulsi plants every morning, as it is capable of strengthening our immune system. It plays the vital role as an appetiser by stimulating the releases of our digestive enzymes and in turn it enhances our digestion process.

How to use:
The absorption of turmeric into the circulatory system is much more when it is sucked.Therefore, consuming our mouth-dissolving Haldi Honey tablet three times a day will take your immunity to next level.

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