Avarodhak Nasya Drops (Pack of 2) (10ml per pack)



Ingredients: Formulated with a blend of Camphor,Menthol,Thyme and Eucalyptus Oil


* Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal

* Cures headache

* Quick relief from congested (stuffy) nose

* Combat throat irritation

* Eliminates breathing problems caused by airway congestion

* Knock out dry or irritated nasal passages

* Treats cough and cold

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Avarodhak Nasya Drop is a fine blend of ingredients that work together to treat skin conditions, improve respiratory function, and relieve pain. The product has Camphor which has  antibacterial, anti fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, Menthol (l-menthol) is a naturally-occurring cold receptor agonist commonly used to provide symptomatic relief for upper airway congestion, Thyme and eucalyptus oil which helps to get the mucus out of the chest and can silence the cough.

How to use:
Apply 1-2 drops of Avarodhak Nasya drops on your face mask or put 1-2 drops in hot water and take steam for 5-10 mins.


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