Stamina X (30 Caps)



Ingredients:Ashwagandha, Satavri, Amla, Kaucha, Shilajeet, Vidarikand, Talimkhana, Gokharu, Musk Dana, Pippali Mul, Safed Musali, Kuchla Shuddha, Jaiphal, Jivanti, Akkalkara, Makardhvaj, Balabij


Natural Testosterone Booster

Enhance Stamina and Strength

Improve Libido

Enhance overall performance

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Stamina XX is a fine blend of 17 unique herbs which helps to improve the quality of life. The ingredients are Ashwagandha which helps in managing stress and has ability to reduce sugar levels,Satavri boosts immunity and antioxidant,anti-inflammatory properties, Amla helps in reducing blood pressure, boosting up the immune health,Kaucha helps to enhance strength and helps in increasing sexual desire, Shilajeet is used as a tonic, useful in promoting strength, stamina, vigour and intellect, Vidarikand is used as an immunity booster and is a restorative tonic, Talimkhana improves immunity,Boosts Male Reproductive System and Prevents Anxiety and Depression, Gokharu is known for its immunity boosting, aphrodisiac and rejuvenation properties, Musk Dana are high in protein and has antioxidant properties, Pippali Mul. is used to improve appetite and digestion, Safed Musali for treating erectile dysfunction, relieving stress, reducing inflammation, Kuchla Shuddha helps to manage insomnia by controlling the functions of the brain and reducing stress, Jaiphal helps in insomnia, boosts immunity and helps in sex drive, Jivanti helps in immunity and building overall strength, Akkalkara helps boost stamina and performance in men,   Makardhvaj helps reducing anxiety and stress and boosts performance in men and Balabij helps to maintain a healthy sexual life and reduce the symptoms of sexual weakness.

How to use:
Every day after meal, It is recommended to Consume one to two capsules for best results


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