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Haldi Drops (30ml)



Ingredients: Haldi, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Kesar


Immunity booster

Joint pain reliever

Skin glower

Fights cough and cold

Good for liver and heart health

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Turmeric (haldi) is capable of strengthening our immune system. It can boost overall health. The turmeric powder mixed with milk is advised daily. It is also said that turmeric drops increase collagen for productive skin as it contains Curcumin, which regulates melanin production and this in turn leaves the skin fairer, whiter, brighter and rejuvenated. Other benefits of turmeric are it acts as a joint pain reliever, helps to keep cholesterol level low in the body and fights cough and cold.

How to use:
Take 7-10 drops (0.4-0.6ml) of Dhruv Ayu Care Haldi Drops in 100ml milk/tea/luke warm water twice daily or as directed by physician

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