Importance of Cow Ghee in Ayurveda

One of the favorite kitchen ingredients of Indian mothers is?  Ghee! (No marks for guessing here.) But did you know that cow’s ghee also has medicinal properties and is considered to be an important ingredient in Ayurveda? But Why is it so special?

Cow’s ghee is made from pure cow’s milk. It is produced after enormous churning of buttermilk and heating butter at the right temperature, in a traditional method for that aromatic and rich flavour.  In the next few paragraphs, we are going to discuss the importance of desi ghee in Ayurveda.

Well we all know that Cow’s Ghee or Ghrita ( as we call it in Sanskrit) is our own Indian invention. Each tiny drop has been nurturing mankind for a countless number of generations, occupying an important role in rituals, as an integral part of ancient medicine Ayurveda eventually becoming an inseparable part of our lives.

The word Ghee comes from the Sanskrit word ghr– which means sprinkle and in Southern parts of India it is widely known as Neyyi. Ghee plays a vital part  in Vedic rituals, marriages, religious customs and varied cuisines across India, Middle Eastern and South East Asian countries.

Cow’s Ghee in Ayurveda:

Ghee is defined as the by-product of butter without any impurities. In  ancient Ayurvedic text, cow’s ghee is said to effectively deal with various anomalies caused due to pitta dosha such as inflammation. It in fact also serves as a rasayana which means it can heal both body and mind at the same time.

Another famous Ayurvedic scriptures too echoes similar views, even in an elaborate way. It explains that ghee is hugely recommended for those bodily constitutions often dominated by vata and pitta doshas.

It is prescribed for good eyesight, longevity, to build immunity, strength, ojas(concept of supreme resilience to disease), smooth skin with a radiant complexion, memory, intelligence, ignite digestion, utmost functioning of all sensory organs, as a balm to heal burn injuries and can be taken by the old, children and the weak alike.

But why is Cow’s Ghee considered healthy?

Cow’s ghee is composed of fats of which 62% is saturated fats which play a prominent role in increasing good cholesterol, reducing bad cholesterol without harming the lipid profile. Ghee is also a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and is loaded with essential amino acids.

Benefits of ghee

Boosts Digestion:

Ghee is a powerhouse of butyric acid which helps in breaking down food more effectively, even while stimulating digestive enzymes. It is perhaps one of the few food products with natural butyric acid which can soothe and heal the digestive tract for better functioning.

Dhruv Ayu Care’s Naabhi Mantra is a concoction of Pure cow ghee and  excipients which helps you control the body’s energy balance and energizes organs and also aids digestion.

Regulates Blood Sugars:

Contrary to the general belief to avoid ghee by the diabetics, it, in fact, serves as an agent that can metabolise and balance the levels of high blood glucose levels. It is strongly recommended for diabetics to add ghee in their diet as it helps in digestion and also stimulates the production of insulin which manages diabetes.

Heals Urticaria:

Urticaria or hives are sudden breakouts on the skin that appear like small bumps on the surface often caused due to insect bites, allergies or even stress. Ayurveda recommends applying pure cow’s ghee on the affected areas for immediate relief from itchiness.

Improves Reproductive Health:

Ghee is recommended for improving the functioning of male and female reproductive organs. Women of reproductive age are advised to take two teaspoons of desi ghee daily to regulate hormones while in men the same amount of ghee improves sperm quality and motility.

Treats Insomnia:

People suffering from severe insomnia can use Ghee by gently rubbing ghee on temples and on the stomach around the navel to balance vata and to cool down the body. This leaves a calming effect on the mind, helps in getting a  good amount of sleep.

Dhruv Ayu Care’s Ayurvedic Nasal Drops which are made of Cow’s ghee and bhimsen kapur helps in improving your sleeping, cleaning out mucus and sinuses, any bacterial infection, and brain related disorders.

Melts Belly Fat:

Your stubborn belly fat can be melted away with Cow’s ghee, it is recommended to massage a little bit of camphor with desi ghee around the belly . The linolenic acid in this amazing dairy product helps in shedding those extra fat deposits.

Good For Eyesight:

Regular intake of ghee improves vision, owing to its good amounts of vitamin A. Ayurveda strongly recommends ‘Tarpana’ a procedure in which ghee is applied around the eyes, to strengthen the power.

Stimulates Lactation:

It is a myth that lactating mothers should avoid ghee in their daily diet! New mothers are advised to consume ghee in good amounts without worrying about weight gain. Contrary, it stimulates lactation, provides nourishment to the body, heals and soothes from within, balances hormones besides strengthening joints.

Ghee For Babies:

Ghee portraying strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties is strongly recommended for babies as young as 6 months. It in fact contains 108 micrograms of Vitamin A for every tablespoon and copious amounts of Vitamins D and K for developing and strengthening of bones.

Helps To Gain Weight:

Ghee is an elixir for those babies struggling to put on weight, just being on breast milk. It triggers the growth spurt and helps the baby build stronger bones and muscles in less than 2 months.

Soothes Skin:

Eczema which is often found in babies born during winter months. By applying a thin layer of ghee on the affected areas as it serves as an antimicrobial and prevents eczema from spreading throughout the body.

Ghee For Skin Care:

Ghee is an excellent remedy for treating burns, wounds, acne, scars caused due to chickenpox or even burns.

Dhruv Ayu Care makes ayurvedic products which contain Pure Cow’s ghee,  One such product is  Panchamrut which is a fine blend of Cow Ghee, Kesar, Ajmo, Tulsi, Ginger,Ashwagandha which is a powerful immunity booster.

Pure Cow’s ghee is gaining its popularity and is widely recommended by Ayurveda for longevity, good eyesight, hormonal balance, cardiac health and even in the case of diabetics. However, like any other ingredient moderation is the key to consuming ghee too. Do not stay away from it completely and do not consume it in excess as well, for overall health.

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