Gau Sanskruti Bambooless Sticks



Transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of tranquillity with our enchanting collection of Bamboo-Less incense sticks hand crafted with care using pure cow-dung and finest ayurvedic ingredients. Each stick brings a sense of serenity and purity to your space.

Flavour : Gau Sanskruti

Net Content : 45 Units – 100gms


  1. Natural fragrances to elevate your space and eradicate negativity.
  2. Uplifts your mood and promotes positivity.
  3. Ayurvedic ingredients for a holistic experience.
  4. Kills bacteria and purifies ambience
  5. Eco-friendly with sustainable cow dung sourcing.

Ingredients: Panchgavya (Gir Cow dung, Pure Ghee, GauMutra, Cow milk, Curd), Nardostachys jatamansi, Cyperus scariosus, Canarium strictum, Acalypha indica, Cinnamomum camphora, Natural Guggal).

Our Pledge:
But that’s not all, A percentage of the profit from every purchase goes to “Gau Shala,” supporting the care and well-being of cows. Join us in nurturing tradition, promoting well-being, and contributing to a sustainable future.

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